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Ericka's Style

I have a favorite style, and I'll get to that in a minute. First, I want to say that I don't limit myself to photographing just how I want to see things. These, after all, are YOUR children, YOUR family, YOUR senior pictures, YOUR wedding memories. I want to know what YOU want.

Do you love the idea of capturing images of your child while he is playing dress up and flying around like superman, but still would like some traditional posed shots? Do you want to tell a story about how your family spends their times, but also want some smile for the camera pictures? Do you love off the wall, funky senior pictures, but mom and dad also want some classic poses? How about your engagement session or wedding? What is YOUR vision?

I make it my goal to capture a bit of everything, but focusing on what YOU want most.

OK, back to what I love best (only because I said I would tell you).....I LOVE the raw emotion of a baby crying or a baby belly laughing from seeing her mommy that she loves so much. My favorite picture of my newest baby is one with her hands in her mouth....because that's what she does...she LOVES to eat her hands! I want to remember these early days as they happened.

Oh, I also love sleeping babes...who doesn't want to look back and remember that sweet, innocent newborn face that you would stare at for hours upon end?!

Children and their personalities....that's another thing I love. My oldest daughter and her good friend dress up in my old prom dresses EVERY time they are together. My daughter also plays the piano, and I love capturing her while she's practicing or playing at church. THAT'S what I want to remember. My middle child is a different person every day...some days he is a jedi knight, somedays he's daddy's sidekick on the farm, somedays he's just my cuddly little boy curled up on my lap. THAT'S what I want to remember.

With all of that said, I hope you have a better picture of my style. I hope to work together with you to create the memories you want to cherish.